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Minji Swim Signature Bag


Minji Swim Signature Bag


Minji Swim Signature Bag


Our signature premium packaging bag is water resistant. This will make you simply different than all other girls on the beach. Carry your coverup, lipstick, a comb-you will still look fabulous after dipping in water xo


Get yours by spring vacation!

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Pre-Orders on or after September 1, 2017. By pre-ordering a Minji Swim™ "Limited Edition", you acknowledge and agree that you are contributing (i.e., making a donation) to a work in progress and not making a direct purchase. Your reward is the number of Minji Swim™ "Limited Editions" you pre-order. If Minji Swim, LLC is unable to fulfill your reward, the parties agree that these Terms will apply. Minji Swim, LLC may cancel or refund your contribution at any time and for any reason, and if Minji Swim, LLC does so, Minji Swim, LLC is not required to fulfill the reward.

*All MINJI SWIM styles are limited editions-each style is serial numbered. There will be no reproduction. Exclusively available to selected customers and retailers. Made by the best, in NYC.